Welcome to Katiedu Drivers
driving school

If you are interested in getting B-driving lisence, we are most happy to help you with that.
Just send us helsinki (@) katiedudrivers.fi an email, and let’s get you started.

Basic course, before you can take a practical driving exam, must include:


4x first driving lisence theory lessons à45 minutes (we offer virtual/ online lessons)

10x driving lessons à50 minutes (we offer with manual driven car)

Risk-Management theory lessons x4, à45 minutes and 4x driving lessons à50 minutes ( driving at urban area, driving at highways, driving at slippery track, driving at darkness), our theory lessons are virtual/online and driving lessons with manual driven car. Except driving in darkness between 2nd of March untill end of 1st of October, are done with dark-driving-simulator see the price-list for the cost of use of a dark-driving simulator.

Please note, study material, theory exam rehearsal material are with additional cost. Please see the price-list.
See the price-list also for other possible costs.

Price for this minimun set in English:

" Trafficsafety is everybodys business."

Kati Lonka

Please contact:

Helsinki (@) katiedudrivers.fi

Please don’t call us, so that our students does not get disturbed by your call. Thank you.

You can find us:
Facebook.com/katiedu drivers
Instagram.com/ katiedu drivers

Easy access

Our driving lessons begin from Martinlaakso railway-station/ Martinlaakso Mall.
Front of Fitness24, by the street. Or, if its bad weather, from the Mall parking, underground, near car-wash.

Keep in mind:

That minimun amount of studies, that is required to be completed, before taking the exam, is not enough for most, normal people. So please be prepared to take sufficient amount of additinal driving lessons, before even dreaming about going for the first driving exam. All of the people are individuals, and their abilities to learn, are different. So its normal for someone to need more and more repeating, before actually learning good.

If you are in a hurry
 (to get your driving school done)

We have speedy-service, for additinal fee of basic course for 2400€ in English. This includes the minimun studies, but all the minimun driving lessons can be set within a week. So, if you are in a hurry, to get your studies done, this is for you.

And also

If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact www.kkv.fi they are the finnish consumer protection agency..